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    Boughton Engineering Ltd.
Balliol Business Park, Wobaston Road
     Wolverhampton WV9 5EU,

Tel:  01902 623430
Fax: 01902 787265



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Boughton Engineering, part of Skan Group Holdings, is Britain's longest established designer and manufacturer of hook loaders, skip loaders and close coupled trailers for the waste and contracting industries. With facilities in the West Midlands and Devon, the Boughton product is demonstrably the only premium quality, Whole Vehicle Type Approved, British built product on the market.

Boughton's Power-Reach skip loader

Boughton's Power-Reach skip loader has raised the bar in terms of functionality, operability, safety and serviceability. Power-Reach features include extendable reach, the ability to lift from below ground level and completely redesigned, simplified and modularised hydraulics. Its new generation controls represent a step-change in ergonomics and operability.

The basic skip-loader unit is a bolted construction to improve access for servicing and provide simplified mounting options for the installation of towing hitches, rear-facing cameras and other equipment.

The rugged rear tip hooks are powered both up and down and the design permits full pneumatic control of an exceptionally steep but useful tip angle which can be discharged all the way to floor level. Rear end stability is provided by either rollers or stab jacks. Introduced to the market back in 1973, Boughton's ubiquitous hook loader, remains the 'Industry Standard', with a firmly established reputation for simplicity of operation, robustness, reliability and serviceability. The design remains fundamentally unchanged - just the way operators want it, but variants, specials and customer requests can be engineered to suit operational requirements.

Boughton's tri-axle close coupled trailer has become almost as well known for its features - which includes an I-beam construction, a diamond shaped drawbar, pneumatic locking - and the specification is standardised on premium Daimler running gear.

The Intacova auto-sheeter, specifically developed for the Power-Reach skip loader, includes patented features and incorporates a low and retracted cover arm position within the skip loader side rave, significantly reducing the opportunity for damage during loading.

Boughton's KwikCova auto-sheeting system for hook loaders is regarded as industry best practice. It was the first on the market - with patented 'in and out' operating features which enable loading of full width bins - with travel capability within C&U maximum permitted vehicle width.

Genuine Boughton factory parts are dispatched from a significantly expanded stores facility - with next day delivery anywhere in the UK as a standard service. The company's own dedicated field service engineers are part of a wider service and parts provision, with selected, accredited dealerships and workshops authorised to undertake factory approved service, repairs and maintenance.

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